Mission & Vision


Geomil is the world’s first manufacturer of CPT equipment and continues to be the top developer and manufacturer of CPT equipment that meets the highest standards in the industry. Our innovation and effectiveness are unmatched. It is our goal to guide our client, and the CPT world in general, to the next level in terms of data collection and utilization of this data. 


Fast collection and examination of high-quality soil data is paramount in today’s world. As a leader in the field, we at Geomil recognize our responsibility towards our clients and meet it with energy and enthusiasm. Working closely with our clients worldwide as well as listening carefully to information from the market, our mission at Geomil is to anticipate market needs; we aim to develop tomorrow’s equipment today. 


We are a team/stronger together  

We are a group of individuals, working as one team to create a lasting impact for our customers and our colleagues. We take responsibility for each other and our company’s future, knowing that personal ownership leads to broader success. We are proud and passionate about what we do and professional in how we do it.

We believe in purposeful innovation  

We see what clients need and we act. Through business innovation, product creation and service delivery, we are driven to develop tomorrows equipment today.

We believe in quality and service above all  

Our goal is to move our customers’ business forward. This drives us to anticipate our customers’ needs and work with them to deliver the finest products and services, on time and within budget. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities in detail or to request a customized quotation.

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