Continuous drive hitch-up system for CPT & UXO



Continuous drive hitch-up system

The Hornet-100 is the latest development in CPT and UXO testing equipment, utilizing Geomil's successful Continuous Drive System (CDS). The Hornet can be configured as a highly automated and remotely controlled system which boosts efficiency and reduces manual handling and associated risk. The integrated and automatic leveling system is capable of correcting slopes of up to ten degrees.

Coupled to the excavator, which provides hydraulic power, the Hornet weighs 3 tons making it easy to transport and store. If increased push capacity is needed, the system can be ballasted to a total weight of 8.5 tons.

The Hornet-100 is deliverable in two main configurations:

In automatic mode an aluminium tower supporting a tube string of up to 20 metres is installed for a predefined maximum depth of operating. The process is then controlled remotely, enhancing productivity on sites with many tests, and removing the operator from harm’s way when undertaking CPT or UXO detection projects.

In manual mode a working platform is mounted to the top of the Hornet allowing for a safe working space for operators with a tube rack and space for the data acquisition system and controls. Tubes are added until desired termination depth is reached. Maximum penetration depth is governed by reaction force and soil conditions and not limited to 20 metres.

Characteristics of the Hornet-100:

  • excavator mounted system
  • measurements 1,700 x 2,100 x 2,000 mm (L x W x H)
  • weight approximately 3 tons
  • continuous penetration and extraction for high productivity up to 25 cm/s
  • capable of pushing 36, 44 or 55 mm tubes
  • automatic leveling frame up to 10 degrees
  • remote operation in automatic mode
  • automated inclination and depth registration

If you would like to learn more on the Hornet-100, please feel free to view the sub sections available on this page or alternatively phone/email our team today to discuss the hitch-up system in more detail.      Telephone +31 172 427 800 or via email sales@geomil.com .


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